David E. Mickey has always been a problem-solver, and at a young age he realized that he could apply his mindset to the ever-evolving world of finance.

David E. MickeyFor over twenty years David has consistently made executive decisions and directed major projects which deal with unstable economies, changing regulatory environments, and the tenuous connection between financial services and technological progress.

David earned his BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin – The Red McCombs School of Business, where he also studied Database Technology. When he entered the financial industry, he realized that an ongoing issue in finance was the concept of “downsizing”– whether that meant literally reducing employee numbers or streamlining bulky, inefficient management systems, financial institutions clearly need to trim off the excess and focus all their power on more efficient and powerful solutions. David’s first big initiative was downsizing Marine Midland Bank’s finance department, reducing it from twenty to just four key members. Later, after completing his time in Marine Midland’s Executive Development management rotation, David joined M&T Bank.

One of David’s largest accomplishments at M&T Bank was revamping the bank’s methods of evaluating the profitability of each branch. Instead of maintaining a large, cumbersome, and fractured worksheet, David created a software planning model through which gathered intel from each branch manager and then completed batch rollups of every branch system, determining their usefulness to the bank as a whole.

After this David’s professional role expanded into consulting as well; he realized that financial organization is a major problem for the average person. Most people either have their records scattered in numerous locations or do not keep records at all, leading to uncertainty and possible failure in their financial endeavors. David was passionate about his role as a financial consultant at First Niagara Bank and M&T Securities, and he advised both individuals and businesses.

David eventually became the Senior Vice President at First Niagara Bank, overseeing legal compliance, sales, finance, third party vendor teams and much more. He gathered due diligence data for acquisitions that spanned numerous states on the East Coast and handled the entire HSBC conversion of wealth customers from 119 branches.

Now David is an Enterprise Sales Executive at Docupace Technologies, where he is merging his managerial and technological skills more than ever before. Working at Docupace Technologies is the culmination of a lifetime of streamlining and improving existing business systems. David works with industry-leading financial services firms who are ready to adopt the most advanced, legally compliant, and long-lasting storage platforms for financial records.